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Assembly resolution will respond to Charlottesville
Lawmakers in Madison will respond to white supremacists on Thursday. Speaker Robin Vos says the chamber, which is taking up the Foxconn incentive package, will also have a resolution “condemning the ideology of racial hatred that was witnessed by the world in Charlottesville.” In a statement, Vos says “The best antidote for hate is love. […]

Madison mayor calls Foxconn package a ‘terrible deal’
Just weeks after suggesting a site in his city to the company, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is speaking out against a proposed incentive package for Foxconn. In a statement released Wednesday, Soglin called the bill being considered by lawmakers a “terrible deal that will bankrupt the state and leave our kids holding the bill.” The […]

Governor Scott Walker says all hate should be denounced (AUDIO)
Governor Scott Walker is joining a growing list of Republicans who say white supremacists should be denounced for their actions in Virginia over the weekend. During a stop in Green Bay Wednesday morning, the governor was asked by reporters for his response to comments President Trump has made in the wake of protests in Charlottesville, […]

Senator Ron Johnson gets tough questions on Trump (AUDIO)
President Donald Trump’s comments blaming “both sides” for last weekend’s events in Charlottesville are putting some members of his own party on the spot. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, in Madison on Wednesday, was asked whether the president needs to further disavow the “alt-right” groups whose Charlottesville rally led to a woman’s death. “You tell me […]

Milwaukee mayor seeks sales tax hike to fight crime
The mayor of the state’s largest city says a sales tax hike may be needed to help fight crime, while they wait for state lawmakers to pass a state budget. At a public hearing on Milwaukee’s proposed city budget for 2018, Mayor Tom Barrett asked that the state allow the city to adopt a one-half […]




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