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last updated: Sep 21 2017 12:02 AM

Memo raises concerns about Foxconn bill
A newly released memo argues changes to the appeals process for cases tied to Foxconn’s proposed flat-panel display factory may be unconstitutional. The bill signed by the governor this week allows appeals in lawsuits related to the factory to be heard directly by the state Supreme Court, bypassing the appeals court. Legislative Council staff, who […]

Budget language could impact sidewalk and bike path projects
That state budget Governor Scott Walker will sign Thursday includes a surprise provision that could make it much more difficult for local government units to acquire land needed for trails and sidewalks. They’ve long had power to “condemn” or acquire through eminent domain property needed for public purposes. “We’ve heard from municipalities all over the […]

Walker releases list of state budget vetoes
Governor Scott Walker will sign the state budget Thursday afternoon, but he’s already detailing what in the $76 billion spending plan he will veto. The governor on Wednesday released a list of 99 vetoes he plans to make to the budget. It includes several he already agreed to in order to help get the bill […]

‘Jayden K Smith’ doesn’t want to be your Facebook friend
You should ignore the Jayden K Smith Facebook hoax. Well-meaning users have warning their friends not to accept a request from Jayden K Smith, but the message itself is the hoax. If you recieved it, “you’re not on a list of potential, gullible people, because your friend was gullible enough to share this,” said Madison […]

Millennial lawmakers form ‘Wisconsin Future Caucus’
Younger members of the state Assembly are joining together to address topics important to Wisconsin’s millennial population. Republican state Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) is a co-chair of the effort the Wisconsin Future Caucus, which he says will work to focus on finding common ground on issues that should be bipartisan for all younger voters. “We’re […]




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